Came back today to “take a look”. I am glad that I, and this site, hasn’t been totally forgotten. From the start, my goal for ZFM is simply to bring one smile to one person. If I’ve achieved that, I’ve succeeded.

I am surprised that the last time I blogged here was in June, about 5 months ago. Throughout this period, I’ve been very busy bringing up my boy (who’s already 8 months), continuing to practise self-cultivation, discovering myself spiritually, and writing down my observations.

I am also glad to see many of you, my dear friends, still writing. I hope to continue to be able to read your fantastic posts/articles. So please, keep writing.


Thoughts Are Like Acquintances

Thoughts are like acquintances. They come and go.

Sometimes when we attend a retreat, or we sign up for classes, and we get to know like-minded people.

Getting to know like-minded people are rare. But if contacts aren’t exchanged there and then, this relationship will be forgotten.

Maybe someday, these two acquintances may bump into one another again at a busy junction. Maybe they won’t.

Just like thoughts. Some thoughts serve us well, some don’t. If we don’t record them down, they’ll be forgotten.

And, similarly, they may spring up in our mind someday from our subconcious. They may not.


A cultivated person will not engage in arguements with anybody. Maybe you may say “he started it” or “he instigated me”. Then you will be on the same level as him.

Someone who is on a higher level will never pick up a quarrel with a person on a lower level.

Like an adult will never quarrel with a baby.

From this, we can see if someone’s level cultivation is high or low.

As The Dust Settles…

The fashion world woke up to a shocking news today. Kate Spade, the founder of the famous fashion label, died of suicide.

Various news sources are stating depression and family issues as a major cause.

It is hard to fathom how a hugely successful lady, in terms of her career, had so much pain in her that she had to resort to taking her own life?

This is not the time for us, minimalists, positive angels, mindfulness warriors, etc. to be “leveraging” on this tragedy to promote whatever we are advocating.

Throughout the day, many thoughts related to Kate Spade’s death have came to my mind.

Recently, many famous people who have inspired us have left us due to similar causes. Robin Williams, Chester Bennington, Dolares O’Riordan, and now, Kate Spade.

It brings me to a few years ago where I was feeling stressed and painful. My finance was in a bad shape. My career was muddled. My relationships was going nowhere. I feel nobody understands. I was threading precariously at the edge of the precipice.

If 100 is the score of reaching a point of depression where you may take your own life, I rate myself 0.003. Laugh, you may. 0.003 may seem like a tiny number out of 100 but anything more than 0 is dangerous. In another words, I am only 99.997 points away from tragedy.

I want you to take some time. Stop whatever you are doing. Take some time. Observe your family and friends. Observe your colleagues. Observe the people on your social media. Observe yourself.

Sometimes it seems silly to go around checking on people if they are depressed. But around us, there are people who already on this extremely dangerous path.

Seek help. Talk to someone.