I’m Busy

“I’m busy.”

When “I’m busy” is used, most of the time what does it mean? It means that one may not have good time management. May not have prioritize their tasks well. Or just want you to stop bugging them because they have more important things to do than yours.

Nowadays, I am more conscious to manage my time better, prioritize my tasks better, and give my time wiser, to avoid using “I’m busy”.

as the saying goes…

“It’s very easy to say “Busy” when someone needs you but it’s very painful to hear “busy” when you need someone.”

God’s Only Mistake

Maybe we should accept even God makes mistakes. And perhaps, that mistake is us.

Once upon a time, he created a world where animals and plants co-exist perfectly to balance life on earth. For billions of years, everything ran smoothly. Then he decided to be smart and added us into the mix. Gradually, we became too smart and started over-consuming. The rest is history.

We always hear that human is destroying nature. But we tend to forget that we are part of the nature. It’s not as if we are a separate entity.

So, it’s not that difficult to see that we are really the defective product among all his beautiful creations.

Fortunately, we don’t have to accept this as our fate. And thankfully, we still have time to make things right.

We just need to do our part in conservation. This is our home. Before we point our fingers at others, let’s start by changing our own actions.

The next time we go buy our groceries, let’s consider the alternatives to plastic carrier. And before we have the urge to shop for new clothes, think if they are necessary. Papers, water, food, etc. How can we reduce, reuse and recycle. All these actions, however tiny they may seem, adds up.

Let’s show God that we are not just his mistakes, but rather, we are his greatest creation.

The Power of Positive Thinking

Every success story starts with a single thought. Because when you start to think, then you will believe. When you believe, your actions and behaviors will attract the elements of what you want to you.

You may laugh and say, ” You mean I can be a millionaire just by thinking?”

Actually I can’t advice you on that because I’m not a millionaire yet. But why do you just want to be a millionaire when you can be happy?


Bravery is often mistaken for not fearing anything. On the contrary, being brave requires one to have a lot of fears, and to overcome them.

Think gladiators fighting with beasts with just a sword. Or soldiers fighting a battle not knowing whether they will come home tomorrow.

On a day to day scale, when you overcome your stage-fright to do a presentation in front of a crowd. That’s bravery.

And when you decide to own up to your mistakes even when you know that you are going to be branded a liar for the rest of your life. That’s bravery.

Or when you stood up against bullying, even though you risk a broken nose. That’s bravery.

It is when we are put in threatening situations, that’s where our true bravery is revealed.

My “Tunnel” Meditation Experience

About 8 months ago, I had an unbelievable experience while meditating. About 10 minutes into my meditation, I feel myself suddenly entering a tunnel. It’s like entering into another dimension.

The most interesting thing about this tunnel is that I feel that I am speeding through it like as if I am moving at the speed of light. And I am able to control the speed with my concentration. When I relax my mind, I speed up. When I focus, I slow down. The feeling was really very relaxing and enjoyable and I never wanted it to stop. I can explain it as if I am in a state of trance. It continued until I was awaken by my timer’s alarm.

That was the only time I had this experience.

I shared this experience with people around me. Some people told me not to become to extreme about meditation, like don’t go crazy doing meditating. Some people told me to continue meditating but do not seek this experience, just enjoy it if it comes. I also read that we should not boast about such experiences. Just stay low profile on it and keep meditating.

Personally, I feel that this is a natural phenomenon. Like sometimes when we are tired and we see “stars”. It is nothing spiritual.

I don’t really hear too many people experiencing this before. If you had similar experience, please share with me.

This is the best image I can find on the internet to explain my vision. It is a little more dark with strong contrast of the purple light with the darkness. There’s also a little greenish and redish light. Think of those old-school Windows PC screensaver.

image credit to: http://www.radhasoami-spirit.com/testimonials.html