3 Ways to Clear Your Debt

1. Have a Plan

Force yourself to put aside a percentage of your monthly savings to pay your debt. Your bonus should go to paying your debt. Not for your home renovation or your Disneyland fund. Focus and discipline is the key here.

2. Sell Your Possessions

You may have stuff lying around cluttering your space that may serve more purpose being sold to pay back your debt. As you know, your interest is growing as we speak. The jewellery, the Playstation 3, the electric guitar, those dumbbells, that stationary bicycle, etc.

3. Ask For Help

This may be sensitive to many as asking for help from people who are close to us may deteriorate relationships. However, if someone in the family who have the extra cash and is willing to help, it might stall your growing interest and give you an easier time to repay him. But it is important to note that repaying if after your debt is cleared should be your main priority and being accountable to all agreements during the borrowing should be upheld.


Author: Zheng Fan Minimalist

I don't want to be different. I want to be me.

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