When is Enough?

I grew up thinking that life is about constantly growing bigger, faster, stronger. And also accumulating more and more. But nobody ever taught me what is the benchmark? When is enough? 

It always seemed like there’ll not be a definite answer to enough. Is 1 million enough? 2 million? Seemed like noone really knows the answer. 

Obviously, everybody’s enough is different. And it is very difficult to give a standard. It also seemed like few people have the courage to advise on an amount (if we are talking about money here). Most expert writers will take the readers for a ride around 2 pages of article and arrive at a non-conclusive conclusion.

Do a research and you’ll see most studies find that an annual salary of $75,000 seemed to be the optimal happy number. Meaning, not working to our death for anything more while having less may affect of desired lifestyle.

My definition of enough is when we can have food on the table, shelter above our heads, take care of our family, able to give and help people who need our help. Other necessities like transportation fees, education, medical, clothings are taken care of. We also need to have savings and have allocations for our investment funds. 

Lastly, what’s life without a little travelling, coca-cola, and french fries.


Author: Zheng Fan Minimalist

I don't want to be different. I want to be me.

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