The Anger First Aid Kit

We all know what usually happens when we allow anger to get to us. We say things we do not intend to say. We fight. We throw things. We get worked up and stressful and cause havoc to everybody. And usually we regret after that.

Thus it is important to remind ourselves to keep our cool when we’re instigated.

Here’s 3 things we can do to when we feel like we are going to blow up:

1. Take a deep breath

Immediately after hearing spiteful words, remember to take a deep breath. The result is that you will feel less angry immediately. After that, continue with taking breaths until you reach a much calm state. Works well with closing your eyes.

2. Chanting

When you’re provoked, chanting is a really useful method. You don’t need to go attend chanting sessions but for anger management purposes, just chant “Amituofo” repeatedly and visualize Buddha’s peaceful demeanour and him sitting in a lotus position. Seeing his calm state will help to reduce the anger immediately.

3. Walk away

Imagine yourself as a wall. Nothing can affect you no matter how the other party bangs at it. Go to a park. Go and sleep. Meditate. You don’t need to deny that you are angry. The fact is that you are angry and walking away can help to cool our heads.

The best way to deal with provocation is not to react. 


Author: Zheng Fan Minimalist

I don't want to be different. I want to be me.

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