My Desk

Today I’d like to share what my desk looked like. It is a place where spend a lot of time at. I work, I study, I write, I read, I play (oh yea, minimalists can have fun). It is pretty tidy (most of the time) and I like it neat and clear. This helps me to do my things better.


It cost about $30. I bought it from IKEA about 2 years ago. Still sturdy and reliable. Good enough for me. I like fengshui and fengshui advises using wood as table as it represents good stability.


I prefer laptops to desktops as my computer-time decreases as I grow older. Just need to take note of the poor posture it may cause as a laptop is usually places quite low and is bad for your back and neck. It is already about 4 plus years old and still running well.


I like my things wireless. Unfortunately, it also means that they require frequent battery changing. It is pretty small but sufficient for my low computer usage. I off it everytime I stop using my computer, do you?


These reliable soundblasters from Creative has been around for probably about 6 years. It has a sub woofer underneath the table. It is suppose to be wireless but unfortunately, it is wireless because it is not attached to the computer. But it is still having dangling wires as it is attached to the subwoofer through wires. Feel a bit cheated there.


I have a calculator on my table because I do my expenses tracking everyday. A trusty, Citizen calculator. Dual powered. The battery is already dead but it is still working because it can be powered by light energy.

Reed diffuser

I am not sure if I should continue to buy this. It cost about $50 and last about 2 months. It has a natural fruity scent which definitely lifts my mood. The air in my room can be quite stale at times and it definitely is helpful but at $50… well.

There you have it, my simple workspace. 

Simple workspace

Author: Zheng Fan Minimalist

I don't want to be different. I want to be me.

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