1st Marriage Anniversary

Anniversary dinner

Yesterday was my 1st marriage anniversary. My wife and I went out for a simple dinner at the Japanese restaurant and caught Alien: Convenent after that.

It was a meaningful night as we reminiscent our memories and discussed our future.

Reflecting on the past 1 year, here’s 3 key lessons I have learned:

1. Communication

Communication will always be the key to a healthy relationship. And the first step to communication is putting down our electronic devices and give our 100% attention to our partners.

2. Patience

A lot of times, our partner will come home sulking after a bad day in the office. And most of the time, we will bear the full brunt of it for no good reason. At this time, the true test of it is to hold our razor tongue and be patient to our partners. One day, they’ll appreciate your understanding.

3. Being There For Them

In a relationship, “no time” is a virus. Everytime we use it, our relationship deteriorates. It’s always about time management and prioritising. Our partner needs our companionship. To share their joys with them and give them a shoulder during bad times.


Author: Zheng Fan Minimalist

I don't want to be different. I want to be me.

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