What I Learned From Alien:Convenent

Extraterrestrial films like Alien, and LIFE, always intrgues me. I am a sci-fi junky and astronomy lover and everytime I watch these movies, like the universe, my imagination expands.

Living organisms, especially humans, are designed to be curious. Our curiousity helps us find new ways to survive and improve our living conditions. However, being overly curious can, literally, kills the cat.

The lesson learnt here is that while we cannot avoid curiosity from building inside us, we should always expect curiosity to kicks in, anytime, anywhere.

While walking on the streets and seeing a weird looking box, do we walk up to it and open it to relieve our curiosity? What’s the risks and danger involved? It may be a bomb. Or some kind of poisonous cannister that will activate once the box is opened. 

When curiosity comes knocking at our door, we must always first ask ourselves what is the consequences. Are we prepared to deal with the consequences? Will the consequences be life-threatening or will it cause us huge financial destress? Weigh the pros and cons of investigating the “box”.

We must always remember that mother nature created us to be curious, but she also created predators to prey on those who can’t differentiate between curious and stupid.


Author: Zheng Fan Minimalist

I don't want to be different. I want to be me.

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