THAT Best Friend

How many of you have that one best friend who’s the “all play no study” type. You know, they always have time to have fun and all. 

When you ask them have they done their homework that’s due tomorrow, they’ll reply that they have not even opened the textbook. When you asked them have they started on the project, they’ll say they don’t bother about it. 

So you believe them. You play computer games with them. You hang out at the malls for ice-cream with them. You sleep in class with them. Worse, you agree to skip school with them.

Then, when exam season comes, you fail and your best friend? They score straight A’s. And they will tell you that they are just lucky.


In life, you will meet a lot of such friends. In school during your childhood and even your colleagues when you grow up. They will tell that they have not done their revision or prepared for the tasks, then, they get fantastic grades and praises while you get to clap for them.

The secret is not because they are lucky. It’s because they studied when they are home after spending the day playing with you. They did their homework and projects while you go home and sleep.

Now you know, you have a choice.


Author: Zheng Fan Minimalist

I don't want to be different. I want to be me.

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