Cheating is widely unaccepted in most cultures. It can cause a wide range of consequences. And if you are one of those who’s about to cheat, listen to my 4 advices before you make your decision:

1. Think of the consequences

Divorce? Breakup? Shame? Guilt? Financial loss? You may have your moments of pleasure but at what cost? Smart people weigh the pros and cons. Have you?

2. How long can you hide?

Assuming you really can hide your secret forever, what about having to live the rest of your life in a lie. A lie to your children. A lie to your parents. A lie to your colleagues. And most importantly, a lie to the person who trusts you and loves you the most.

3. The stress of keeping up the act

Imagine the constant worry everytime the phone rings infront of your partner. Or everytime your partner uses your phone, surf the net, take a photo, etc. 

4. Fatal Attraction

If the above 3 points haven’t bother you yet, my last advice is to go watch the 1987 film starting Michael Douglas and Glenn Close, Fatal Attraction.

A moment of folly, a lifetime of guilt. We know how’s it like when temptation comes knocking at our door. But the next time they really come, think of the 4 advices above before committing into it.


Author: Zheng Fan Minimalist

I don't want to be different. I want to be me.

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