Getting Away

Sometimes, we feel relieved when we don’t get caught for our mistakes. We may feel good in moment of getting away not knowing that will result in undesirable consequences in the long run. 

We sometimes forget that we cannot avoid the simple law of “cause and effect”. What we reap, what we sow. We do good, we reap good. We do bad, we reap bad. Sometimes, you see many people doing bad and get a lot of financial gains. This may seem like a contradiction to the law of cause and effect but it’s not. Such people may seemed happy, but they live in guilt and they will never sleep peacefully at night as long as they continue their folly.

One of my main principles of life is called “the upward and downward spiral”. It is strongly based on “cause and effect”. 

For example, some salespeople live on the motto of “sales at all cost”. “Fake it till you make it”. They convinced themselves that their tricks as “sales strategies” and prey on gullible, unsuspecting prospects. Then they get the sales and their appetite get bigger. Until they lose all their morals and live their life with guilt and shame. Caged in their own conscious.

On the other hand, someone who lives with dignity have nothing to hide. And that will lead to infinite happiness and freedom.

Even if we make mistakes, it is ok. But we must always arrest and admit to them at the earliest point so we won’t fall into the downward spiral.


Author: Zheng Fan Minimalist

I don't want to be different. I want to be me.

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