The Power of One

One is a really small number. It is just one. One singularity. One cent. One small strand of hair. One atom.

This is a number that is so small we often underrate it in this world of “more”. However, one, in reality, is massive.

It is more massive than 10, 100 or 1 million. Why is this so?

Think of what’s between 0 and 1. It is infinity. And that’s even more than 1 billion. How does this help me in my life? Like I said, it’s massive.

Is there things that you want to do yet procrastinated for years? That’s probably because of the 1,000 things that you have to do to achieve you ultimate goal. 

You may need $100,000 to start a small business. I say go save that $1 first. You may want to lose 20kg. Try losing that 1kg first. You may want to run a marathon in year 2018 but you can’t even complete 2km. I say go walk 1km every evening first. You may want to reduce your clothes but can’t even bear the daunting task, I say give 1 away first. You may want your highly active child to spend an hour a day to study, start with probably 1 page first. 

You see the potential of the power of one?

And here’s the secret, usually you’ll end up having more than $1. You’ll lose more than 1kg. You’ll walk more than 1km. You will maybe even start to run more than 1km. You’ll declutter your wardrobe in an evening. And your child may even fall in love with studying.

That’s the power of one.


Author: Zheng Fan Minimalist

I don't want to be different. I want to be me.

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