Sometimes We Just Need to Stop and Think

Have you ever drove on the road late at night. The road is straight and empty. You know the speed limit is 90km/hr. But you just can’t resist going a little faster. 

It’ll help you reach your destination 10 minutes faster. You’ll feel less slow and boring. Then you go a little faster and faster. 

Suddenly, a bright light flashed at the side of the road and you realized that the traffic police has caught you speeding.

Immediately, you feel a big regret. You start to curse the traffic police. You wished that you hadn’t speed. You just got $200 poorer and a few points deducted. You spent the next few nights having difficulties with sleeping. And you’ll find that your life just sucks.

What if, at that moment, where you’re pondering whether to speed, you think of the consequences. Just spend a few seconds to think. Take a deep breath. And stick to the rule? You’ll probably reach home 10 minutes later but you’ll reach home safe and peaceful.

Sometimes, we just need to stop and think. It can applies to many aspects of our daily lives. Littering for convenience sake, cheating during exams, stealing, having an affair with someone else, telling others about others’ secrets, cutting corners at work, etc. What is the consequences? 

Then maybe, we will do the right things right, right?


Author: Zheng Fan Minimalist

I don't want to be different. I want to be me.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes We Just Need to Stop and Think”

  1. Hi Jamie, I don’t even know we can lock our cars with cell phones. So cool. How about unlocking with your cellphone?


  2. Yeah, or like when you are in a hurry while running errands and leave a car key on your lap which falls onto the seat and you lock it in your car with your cell phone and have to walk/run 40 minutes home and have to pee at the same time. LOL…just happened to me yesterday. I should have thought, “Hurrying can waste more time than acting normally.” I’ll remember this next time. “I will be careful – I will be careful – I will be careful.”

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