Why You Should Feel Happy For Others

I must admit that I used to envy others. Envy people who are more popular, more successful, wealthier, fitter, etc. Sometimes, I even wished that they fail a little.

Please don’t villianize me straightaway. I’m sure I’m not the only one to feel this way. Although I’m very certain that I’m one of the first to admit my flaws.

Feeling upset at others’ success is a natural result of our competitive upbringing. Whenever our teachers praises our classmate for topping the class. Whenever our parents emphasized how lousy we are for not being as good as our siblings. We all grow up learning to compare.

But it doesn’t matter if I’m the bad guy or good guy. That’s not the topic today.

Nowadays, I genuine feel happy for people who achieved success in their life.

The first time I learned that feeling sour at others’ success is an incorrect mindset from a Buddhist book that I read. The master author wrote that there is no need to feel jealous. We should be happy for others who achieved success because their success is based on their own good merits. Then, it didn’t change my mindset but it did ignite a spark.

Gradually, my mind starts to change. I felt a strong belief that we should surround ourselves with people that we want to be. If we want to be rich, surround ourselves with rich people. If we want to be compassionate, surround ourselves with compassionate people. This is a very simple theory. Do you think you will be happy, if you surround yourself with sad and depressed souls all the time? How can happiness be based on hopes of others of failing? That is pure suffering. Because if others don’t fail, you won’t be happy. The fact is that when those who went through failures start to learn how to pick themselves up again, they will try, and succeed, and then you will be left in your own misery.

Now, in terms of career, money and happiness, I am more successful than ever. I’ve a loving family and a bright future. I don’t belong to the “no-time” tribe and I am blessed with a, at least for now, healthy mind and body.

Start surrounding yourself with happy, positive, successful people today.

If you want to taste sweetness, stop being sour. Next time, don’t just feel happy for your friends, celebrate their success with them.


Author: Zheng Fan Minimalist

I don't want to be different. I want to be me.

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