1 Monthiversary

1 month ago, I created  Minimalist Room to share my ideas and experiences on minimalism. I believe that after 2 years of being a minimalist, I have developed a strong belief in the benefits of minimalism.

Initially, I had doubts if this site will be able to last as my previous blog attempts usually dies off after a couple of week. Then, I realized that the reason is because in the past, I tend to tune my writing towards what people wants to read. And my messages never felt organic.

Minimalist Room is different. Everyday, I can’t wait to wake up to share my idea to the world. It brought me so much positivity to myself. And everyday, I feel that I’m growing.

Thank you to all who reads my blog. I have to admit that your likes, comments and follows encourage me to create even better content. I continue to seek your support.

Thank you!


Author: Zheng Fan Minimalist

I don't want to be different. I want to be me.

3 thoughts on “1 Monthiversary”

  1. Hi Hil, thank you for dropping by. I’ll also be looking forward to your sharings.

    At some point of time, our enthusiasm will start to fizzle. Just remember to persevere.

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  2. Happy 1 month! I get what you mean by being excited to wake up and share your idea to the world. There’s something to satisfying about it, isn’t there? As a newbie minimalist, I’m looking forward to your future content! Thank you for sharing your voice!

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