What Happens When You Say No to Minimalism

Minimalism is about accepting a life of “less is more”. When you have less excessive possessions, you will have more space and time for other things that have more meaning for you. With less clutter, we have less worries and stress.

However, minimalism is not something that everybody can accept. Some people outright reject this way of life from the start. Some people tried to accept minimalism but felt uncomfortable with it. Some people still wants their cluttered life. Rows of books placed on their bookshelf, untouched since 1990. Buying a dress every week as if shopping is considered a hobby to them.

Although minimalism is now already a very popular choice for many people, it is probably adopted by only 1% of the human population.

Minimalism will make you weird among your friends. I’ve been asked a million times “why?” when I told them I don’t have Facebook and Instagram accounts. I’ve been labeled “hermit”, “extreme”, and “holy”. But despite that, I’ve never disrespected anybody who prefers a different way to live as me, while at the same time, my strong belief in minimalism never wavered. Nowadays, I may not have more possessions as compared to last time, I have more money, time for myself and my family and friends, and more peace and happiness.

So what happens when you say no to minimalism?

You go back to your usual ways of living. You may choose to hoard stuffs again, like your make-up collections, your activities, your friends, your e-mails, your expensive watches, your clothes, your Iron Man collectibles, your CDs, etc.

Your friends may start to look at you with normal eyes again. Maybe you will enjoy the things that you can start to buy again. Maybe you will not feel the stress that comes with clutter because you are good at managing them. Maybe being a non-minimalist never stressed you before.

Maybe you have enough abilities financially to let you own a few cars. Or a big house. Maybe you are privileged enough to hire a helper to tidy your house while you spend your weekends at the beach with your family. Maybe even when you don’t live a minimalist life, your successful business still churns out enough money for you to spend your time away from your office and pursue your life goals.

Maybe you and your partner enjoys spending time on your mobile phones more than each other. Or maybe you prefer your kids to spend time in front of their computer games all the time so they won’t disturb you, as you need to check your Twitter.

Minimalism is a unique way to live. It defies against how the society tries to dictates us to live. 8 out of 10 Americans are in debt (CNBC.com). Americans are dying with an average of $64K debt (Foxbusiness.com). These headlines haunts me.

There will still be people who will tell you that debt is necessary. Clutter is okay. Loans are cool. But there will also be people who will share with you how debt destroyed their family tree.

If you are one who prefers a more conventional way of living, that does not include minimalism, I am sure that nothing can stop you from having a meaningful life too.


Author: Zheng Fan Minimalist

I don't want to be different. I want to be me.

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