Understanding Contradictions

We’re taught so many contradictions in life. Today let’s put the mystery to bed.

We are told to take it easy, yet we are told to give our all.

We are told to defend ourselves, yet we are told not to resolve violence with violence.

We are told to observe the rules, yet we are told to break the rules.

We are told to accumulate for rainy days, yet we are also told not to hoard.

We are told that we need stability, yet we are told we need to break out of routine.

As you can see, in life, taking either extremes isn’t ideal. When making a decision, we need to analyze the situations. And based on the situation, we must concoct the best solution for it.

To attain the best solution, the appropriate knowledge and experiences are required. To get the appropriate knowledge and experiences, we need to invest our time and energy to pick them up.

Astute politicians and businessmen are paid handsomely because they have invested a lot of energy into attaining the high level of knowledge and investment. You seldom see one scrolling on their Facebook feed for hours everyday.

Even Buddha taught the Middle Way. We need to work hard to provide for our family but not overwork ourselves that we have no time for them. We must bring back sufficient income for our family but not to a point where we need to resort to cheating others of their money. When we meditate, we need to not have a full stomach, neither can we have an empty stomach, because either way, our mind will not be able to focus properly.

So, start your practice today. Aim to achieve a strong mind that can help you make difficult decisions with ease.


Author: Zheng Fan Minimalist

I don't want to be different. I want to be me.

2 thoughts on “Understanding Contradictions”

  1. Thank you Bill. I’m glad that there’s still so much to explore about contradictions. So much of our lives are based on making decisions, yet so little we know about it.

    I’m humbled by your comments. I will keep working hard. I very much look forward to visiting and learning from you too.


  2. Very happy to make your acquaintance as a fellow blogger on WordPress and a fellow minimalist. Most people do not question contradictions all around them. Marketers take advantage of this vacuum to convince consumers to buy ever more and to waste with abandon. Lao Tzu, Epictetus, Tolstoy, Bertrand Russell, E.F. Schumacher and many more independent thinkers see through false contradictions.
    I much look forward to reading your blog. Thank you for your voice 🙂

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