Money and Relationships

Teach your children money and relationships. They are two  of the most important things yet the school doesn’t teach them.

Yes, school teaches how to use math to count money. But it doesn’t teach the value of it. That’s why so many people splurges their hard-earned money on useless things. As for relationships, people don’t really value them much anymore. Maybe more for external gains and purposes.

Teach them the meaning of money and relationships. Teach them how to manage money and relationship. Teach them the fundamentals of respecting money and people. Teach them about the importance of cherishing money and relationships.

If not, I shall only pray.


Author: Zheng Fan Minimalist

I don't want to be different. I want to be me.

2 thoughts on “Money and Relationships”

  1. Most people finances are in a mess. Many financial planners I know owns an expensive watch, some LV ties and an empty bank account. Too bad, if we haven’t realized yet, our debt is more profitable to the corporations above who’re pulling the strings. And you’re right, that’s the worse mindset that our sorry race is becoming. I can only pray for a better future with a society of such debt-driven mindset.

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  2. agree 100%! i work in finance but my personal finances (until recently) were an absolute mess! personal finances needs to be a compulsory subject at school… In an ideal world, debt should be a choice not something you fall into because you are blissfully unaware of the consequences “everyone has a credit card.. so cant be that bad for you right?”….WRONG!

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