As They Aged

My grandaunt had fallen in February this year and suffered a stroke. Since then, she was unable to move much.

When I was at her place, her 3 children were there as well. They hired a therapist to help massage their mother. They were also there to provide assurance and comfort to her.

The sight was touching as nowadays, more often than not, when elderly are seriously ill, many of their children may push their responsibilities to one another. It is a rare sight to see children work together to take care of their aging parents.

This led me to think that why some children can take care of their sick parents while some can’t.

We’ve to accept that one day, more likely than not, they will fall sick. Alzheimer’s disease, kidney failure, cancer, stroke, diabetes, paralysis, etc. There’s a long list of illnesses that elderly may be prone to being affected. When the day comes, what will you do?

Will you still be able to pursue your holiday plans? Will you have enough financial strength to support them? Will you have the time to visit them often to provide them the encouragement they need? Will you be able to accompany them to the hospital?

Will your desires and personal goals be placed ahead of your parents’ well-being? Will you be “too busy”?

Nonethethless, I do understand that every family background is different.

Whatever our choice is, never forget that what we do, our children are watching.


Author: Zheng Fan Minimalist

I don't want to be different. I want to be me.

6 thoughts on “As They Aged”

  1. argh… i think about that a lot actually… i live far away from my parents, have done so for many years now… and as they get older i’m starting to ask myself those difficult questions – how can i be there for them when they need me if my life is in a different country?! finances is the obvious thing and probably the easiest (which is also a big driver in me trying to transition into a minimalist lifestyle)… but what about time and physically being there?!

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