Purging Trophies

I’m not going to kid you. Purging trophies is unlike anything else you’ve tried. It’s difficulty level is like 4.5 out of 5.

To purge trophies you must have a PhD in Cold Heartedness.

It’s one of those things that when you tell people,”Hey, I just dumped all my trophies away.” They will start to choke you to death because they don’t get it.

Some of the trophies I dumped were sales awards. Football awards. Run medals. I even threw away my mahjong plaque. Yea, I won a mahjong competition once. Sheer ruthlessness.

Since young, I pursue trophies like a hungry greyhound chasing after a rabbit. The novelty dies off as soon as I get my hands on them. It reaches a point I just stopped chasing them altogether. Now, I am still a champion. I am a champion husband and a champion friend, at least I think I am (no trophies for those though).

The only thing left now is my marathon medal, which I really have a lot of feelings for.

Time for Ask-Myself-Answer-Myself.

 Any regret? 


Am I happy now? 


What have I gained after throwing away my trophies?

More time. No more cleaning.

More space. No more hoarding.

More freedom. No more clutter.

Any pointers for fellow hopeful trophy-purgers?

Take a photo of the trophies and safekeep them on google drive or Instagram. Then let them go and don’t look back.

Last words?

Don’t force yourself. Take it easy if you’re not ready. I’m definitely not encouraging you to start throwing them away. But if you see the value in letting go, I can offer you my experiences for you to make your own decision.

Get rid of the easy ones first and see where it takes you. Or work on the easy things like clothes and key-chains first. Like I said, purging trophies is not for beginners.


Author: Zheng Fan Minimalist

I don't want to be different. I want to be me.

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