Shout Out to My Fellow Minimalist Bloggers

I enjoy reading on my fellow minimalists blogs.

However, I do notice a trend where minimalists started a blog with so much enthusiasm but it fizzled after a couple of weeks. Some blogs that I followed were even deleted.

I don’t know the reasons but I feel sad. Sometimes we run out of motivations. Sometimes our ideas dry up.

Just hold on. Take a break if you need but don’t give up. Because you’ll never know who you have been inspiring.


Author: Zheng Fan Minimalist

I don't want to be different. I want to be me.

25 thoughts on “Shout Out to My Fellow Minimalist Bloggers”

  1. I think your blog’s fine. You’ll fine-tune it throughout your writing journey.

    If you have the capacity and find the benefits of the upgraded version useful, I don’t see any reason not to 🙂


  2. Also, do you have any advice, suggestions, etc. about my blog that you think would benefit the overall experience for the readers? Layout? Pictures? Anything you may have an opinion about. Should I be purchasing an upgraded membership for wordpress??? Anything helps, thanks!!

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  3. Well, I’m just glad you were here to do the butt kicking this time around! I appreciate the boost. I was stuck in a single faceted idea and I thought I couldn’t stray away from the path I had started. Now I realize I can still share my story while throwing posts in between the cracks. I will absolutely share my new address if I choose to change it. Thank you Zheng!

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  4. Hi Sober Minimalist, Thanks for dropping by. I’m sure we all fall into these problems all the time, especially in our early days. The key is how we are going to find the motivation to kick ourselves in our butt and get up again. Start by doing what you enjoy. Writing whatever you want to write. Changing an address is a great way to recharge your motivation. Find something that you can identify with. And lastly, don’t forget to update me on your new address =D

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  5. Zheng, I too started my blog off very strong but after a couple weeks, my progress and motivation depleted. I had fallen into a minor rut and my roots took hold in that valley. I was watching Netflix and movies instead of blogging, running, reading, etc. (It’s easier). I stopped believing that anyone wanted to hear what I had to say; then I read your post about our fellow Minimalist falling out after a few strong weeks in the cut. I just want to say thank you for reminding me that I am blogging for myself first and readers second. I say this because if I am not writing for myself then none of the readers will truly benefit. If I write for the audience my words will no longer contain raw emotion but falsities in an attempt to attract more viewers. Also, I want to change the concept of my blog a bit to hit a broader audience but, as stated in a previous comment, my address will need to be changed. You are one of my few followers so maybe now is the time to change it before I get too deep??

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  6. Hi Debbie, you’re welcome. I am so happy that you have braved through cancer and found the opportunity to achieve your dream of writing a book. If I have, I will definitely contribute. Nonetheless, feel free to take any content from my blog if you feel a need to (without giving me any acknowledgment). I wish you success! and let me know the progress of your book if I’ve missed it in any case. Thanks!

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  7. Hi! Thank you for following my Debbie the Minimalist blog. I think your blog is fascinating! I fall into the group of minimalists who start a blog and don’t keep it very long. However, there’s a good reason for why I’m not posting lately…an opportunity to publish my first book appeared. This has been the big dream of my life, so I instinctively knew I had to pursue this. I will be publishing in August, and this is a book about my recovery from breast cancer 8 years ago almost — I write about the positive things in my experience. Yes, you read that right! 🙂 In fact, I am wondering if you or your readers had had cancer or been a cancer patient’s caretaker. I want to make sure I include everything I can about the topic — such as, what do you wish you had known then, or maybe there’s some wisdom you want to pass along? If so, please write me at and put “Book” in the subject line so I will know what the email is for. Also, for those interested, I will be transferring my subscribers over to my new blog soon, talking about my book and/or what publishing your own book is like. Hope you’ll be interested in the new blog. Thanks again, and I do wish you well on your blog. Debb Stanton,

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  8. This is so true! I followed a couple of minimalism related blogs and then they disappear. I occasionally blog about my minimalism journey but it is part of my general blog theme of “A Quilter’s Life”. I think maybe people need more to blog about than just minimalism and and keep more topics open to blog about…

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  9. Happened to me many times before. The enthusiasm died after a couple of days. Always started off w so much aspirations. So sad as so much lost content are gone. A case of you dont know how good you are. Thanks Sky. I look forward to your blog.


  10. I think a little of both.

    Also, a change of url address could also make it seemed like they deleted the site, but actually, they didn’t. Just that the hyperlink is incapable of redirecting us to their new address.

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  11. I’m not strictly a minimalist blogger, but I have noticed this too. I wonder how much of it is about blogging, and how much about minimalism. With minimalism trending so much right now it makes sense that some blogs would be fizzling out, but I still enjoy reading them.

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