How’s Growing Up in the 90s Like?

In the 90s, mobile phones are only for business people, not for us kids. Every meeting requires to be arranged over the phone, or in person. And the details must be extremely clear. If 5pm is misunderstood as 9pm, someone is going to be in trouble. And if someone is late, there’s no way of knowing what is going on, on the other side. Maybe that’s why people are more punctual in the 90s.

When we play computer games or video consoles, our multi-player mode requires us to be physically beside one another. We don’t have online multi-player gaming technology back then. Sega racing games, Street Fighter games, FIFA, etc. It was great fun, especially seeing one another’s physical laughter, not ‘lol’.

Back then, we have to greet people when we see people, especially the elderly. Basic respect is something that’s emphasized heavily on.

When we do catch-ups, we talk to one another. Just talk. No Facebook. No Instagram. No Whatsapp texting with someone else. Meeting an old friend is something we look forward to as it could mean that we have not met for a long time. And we don’t know how one another is doing since there’s no Facebook.

$30 meals and ice cream treats are mostly for special occasions. Like birthdays. $8 coffee is unheard of in my time.

Our music actually has melodies and tunes that we can sing to. Try searching Boyzone and Oasis.

Talking about music, when we go to concert, we sit or stand and enjoy the show. We don’t hold up our phones, stare in the screen to watch the performance.

And photographs and videos are really precious. We don’t have digital camera then. And every vacation, the number of photos we can take is limited.

When we drive, we need to refer to maps and plan our journey ahead. There’s no GPS and google map.

I feel that life is slowler, simpler, and happier back in the 90s.

What do you think?

How’s the 90s to you?


Author: Zheng Fan Minimalist

I don't want to be different. I want to be me.

11 thoughts on “How’s Growing Up in the 90s Like?”

  1. Your childhood sound a lot like mine. Haha. Although i’m ermmm just a “little” older than you. It’s so fun and the memories are so precious.

    I’m quite optimistic that the word ‘Childhood’ will cease to exist by the next century, fortunately it will be replaced by iChildhood.


  2. I was born in 1991, what I love most about my childhood is playing a lot outside!! Riding my bicycle, doing a lot of fun things, playing pretend Legends of The Hidden Temple with friends hahaha. Then at home, if I’m lucky enough, my brother would lend me his walkman so I could listen to Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, Oasis, Greenday, U2 and Cranberries. I talk on the phone so much as well hahahaha. I love the 90s so much!!

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  3. I miss just going off and exploring, not being able to look up my location, maybe getting a little lost and having to ask for help. I feel like kids aren’t allowed any freedom anymore. Sometimes, for better or worse, young people need to solve their own problems rather than just calling their parents to come fix it.

    Also, Nirvana.

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  4. you’re welcome. those days running home because your friend is going to call you at a certain timing everyday. unfortunately, our next generation’s won’t be able to experience the magic of it.


  5. All so true! I was born in 1990 and so everything you’ve mentioned just brings back memories! I appreciate being in the “now” but definitely miss a lot about the 90’s. Life was slower and I liked it that way.

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  6. I grew up in part of the 80s and 90s, and yes, social life hasn’t improved at all. I still miss catching up by phone with friends instead of using Whatsapp.
    Thanks so much for following my blog.

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