Mount Minimalist

I’m not exactly at the top of Mount Minimalist, I guess. The peak is shrouded with clouds and I don’t even know how far away the top is.

Looking back, I can see clearly how far I’ve come.

I’ve got past the first hurdle, the Clothes Trenches. Got rid of 70% of them. After that, you’ll arrive at the Books Ridges. It is slightly more difficult but with practice, you should overcome them without many problems. Then, after a long trek, you’ll come to the Digital Jungle. In the Digital Jungle, you’ll need to navigate your way through Old PCs, laptops, Walkman (if you still have any), CDs, and old mobile phones. Don’t forget to bring a machete for those cables. Only ruthlessness can get you past this stage. If you’ve survived this far, congratulations.

After a night of sleep in the woods, you’ll continue your journey the next day. You will come to the strong and deep River of Documents. Where you need all your focus to go through all the documents you’ve kept for the last 10 years. Deciding which to keep and which to shred. Warning, you’ll be soaked. But I assure you, you’ll be fine. Just look out for the crocodiles.

The journey will be easier from here onwards.

You will need to get past the three smaller hills after the River of Documents. The Social Media Hill, The E-mail Hill, and your Contacts Hill. Don’t forget to take a selfie at the Social Media Hill and say “bye bye” to your toxic relationships at Contacts Hill.

Remember to watch your steps at the Junk Food Slope, Debt Zone, Collections Cliff, and Crater of Procrastination. (Hint: Never look back.)

After 2 years of trekking, you should be able to find me where I am. And where I’m at, I guarantee you that the air is fresh and the scenery is amazing.

Hope to see you very soon.


Author: Zheng Fan Minimalist

I don't want to be different. I want to be me.

2 thoughts on “Mount Minimalist”

  1. I once had so many books that I stress over what to do with them everyday until I just couldn’t take it anymore. Now, I can only tell you how free I feel.

    I hope you can conquer the harsh Book Ridges soon.


  2. I find it hard to get rid of books, but I am trying to get rid of those which I never read or look at. Unfortunately, then I buy again new ones from Amazon. This has to stop. It is almost an addiction.

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