Everything Has a Price

When we want more money, we have to exchange it with hard work. Namely, physical and mental hard work. In this sense, hard work is the price for money.

There will be some people who will try to take shortcuts to financial wealth. They cheat gullible souls off their life-savings by using their glib of tongue. Although unethical ways to achieve wealth may seem like a contradiction to the law of ‘everything has a price’, it is not.

The price for someone who does unethical things, like conning, is heavier than the price for someone who pays with proper hard work. Even if it means that the unscrupulous person is able to get away from the law’s punishment.

We, ordinary folks, often fail to see the truth. Guilt is an often underestimated punishment. When an unscrupulous person gets away with a scam, he has already started accumulating guilt from the first second he succeeded in getting away, even if he doesn’t realize it.

He will still shamelessly go to spend his ill-gains on fancy cars and clothes. That’s okay.

Guilt is like debt with rolling interest, it just keeps accumulating. Ask anyone who has an unpaid credit card debt for 1 year. Ask him how painful it feels. And multiply that suffering by at least 1,000 times. That’s the consequence of paying with the price of guilt.

It’s unimaginable that some people work their whole life hoping to earn someone else’s trust, yet some other people who’ve managed to gain someone else’s trust, so willing to exchange something that is so valuable, for something which is so easily attainable, like money. Humans are funny creatures.

Being bogged down by a huge sense of guilt is the worse feeling in the world. That’s why there are many guilt-ridden people who choose to end their lives, in order to escape this feeling. Some are politicians who have all the power and wealth in their heydays. Corruption, abusing commoners’ trusts, breaking promises and abusing powers for their personal gains. In the end, the truth prevailed. If even the most powerful people are unable to hide from their own guilt, do we, ordinary people, still think that we have a chance?

Words cannot describe the sufferings of guilt brings. Imagine not being able to sleep every night because every time you close your eyes, angry faces of the people you let down appears. And you also find trouble getting out of bed every morning, because you are too shameful to face the world and too fearful of being exposed of all your actions. It’s as if the moon, and even the sun, despises you. Even your own shadow feels disgraced to be your shadow.

And you will be haunted for the rest of your life. Do you still remember the $20 you stole from your mother when you were young and she frantically thought she lost it? Or do you remember pushing the blames to your siblings, and they got the spanking of their lives for it? But the truth is you are the main culprit. And those memories still linger in your heart till today?

Every day, you feel heavier and heavier, but your physical weight actually gets lighter and lighter. The shame and guilt continue to grow in you, like a fist-sized lump right in the middle of your heart. And every day, you regret for all your time being awake. Even when you go to bed, you fear having nightmares. In the dark lanes, you fear ghosts coming to haunt you. And in the daylight, you fear bumping into a victim, your victim.

On your deathbed, finally, and tears roll down your cheeks because you wished to apologize and confess and free yourself from the guilt. But nobody comes to visit you. You die alone with your guilt. That’s all you will be left with. And right beside you, your children will be fighting to keep you alive. Not because they care or they love you, but because they want your inheritance, of cos. You will see them with your own eyes squabbling among themselves with their lawyers over that last cent and that last plot of land that you acquired through those ill-gained ways that you thought you didn’t pay a price for. Now you see the truth. Everything has a price. And what you have paid is only the interest.

Even when you die, you don’t die from old age. People who die from old age die with dignity. They leave the world a better place. Then they go to a better place. When an unscrupulous person dies, he dies from suffocation. Suffocated by being buried under his shame, guilt, and regrets, along with dirt and soil.

He wished to end these sufferings quickly through God’s mercy. Sadly, he won’t.

He will not go to the same place where good people go. There’s another place reserved for unscrupulous people like him, and that’s where he will be dumped through eternity.

So, now you know the price. Can you afford to pay?


Author: Zheng Fan Minimalist

I don't want to be different. I want to be me.

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