Our Wedding

I’m back from my wedding weekend. Still feeling a little ‘wedding hangover’.

From where I come from, we usually need to do 2 ceremonies. It can be done together but most people chooses to do it separately due to difference in preference, financial reasons or other circumstances.

For me, this is my second ceremony. I will need to do a 3rd one at my wife’s hometown. The first one was done last year. Usually, the first ceremony is a small scale ceremony where a solemnizer declare a couple husband and wife. The second one will be a ceremony where the couple invites their friends and loved ones to witness the union. Usually a ballroom is preferred and it comes with a huge cost.

My wedding experience felt nothing short of amazing. We appreciated all our guests coming to offer their blessings. It is a truly memorable day.

We are extremely satisfied that we are able to hold our wedding without going into debt as we have heard of many post-wedding horror stories.

I thank all of you for your well-wishes. I feel extremely blessed.

Let me share a few exclusive photos of my big day 😊

PS. How did I get married without going broke? Save up first, buy “budget”, don’t buy, resist, do your budget and finances, buy only when you can afford. Run away when the temptation is strong, kick YOLO in the ass. Remember it’s always about the marriage, not the wedding.

Bridal suite
Our ballroom
Wedding favours
A traditional tea-ceremony set
Table flowers
Another teaset
Wedding favours, crystal pen
Getting ready for honeymoon

Author: Zheng Fan Minimalist

I don't want to be different. I want to be me.

11 thoughts on “Our Wedding”

  1. You are absolutely right that it is about the marriage and not the wedding, but I am happy that you also go to have a beautiful day!

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