A Drop of Kindness On Our Wedding Day

After our wedding, my wife and I decided to go out to catch a midnight show. While walking on the streets, a couple came to us and told us their plight. They were stranded, lost their money and needed to go home. The man gave us his name card and promised that we can call him and he will return us the money.

I asked him how much he needed and he replied, “$30”. I look into my fanny pack and only found $9. However, my wife took out $30 and passed to him. The man reiterated that they will return us and we don’t have to worry.

When we went our own ways, I asked my, usually-cautious, wife why did she give her money away. My wife told me that, firstly, it’s our wedding day and it is good for us to do some good deeds. And what if their troubles are real?

So there you go, another story of how my wife surprised me and made me a proud husband on the day of our wedding.

What would you do?

How do you feel?


Author: Zheng Fan Minimalist

I don't want to be different. I want to be me.

6 thoughts on “A Drop of Kindness On Our Wedding Day”

  1. i hesitated to blog about this because we prefer not to brag about such things. but I would like to keep them as a lesson and a good memory. our difference is that i am still learning to be kind and she’s sub-consciously kind. don’t start praising her or she’ll start to become proud. haha


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