Okja on Netflix

Just finished watching this amazing film about a girl’s struggle to save her pig from the slaughterhouse.

Often, the meat we consume are bought from nicely wrapped packaging from the supermarket. It obscure the fact that the meat comes from animals. And these animals have feelings like us. They feel similar pain and sufferings when their body are being cut and disected. They are continuously being forced to be inpregnated so they can produce eggs, milk and babies. 

One of my inspiration, Ralph Smart, explains that energy cannot be destroyed, only transferred. When animals are killed, their body release toxic chemicals that carries along their fear, anger and distress. And guess where all these feelings go to after we consume them? How can we be happy then?

Coming back to Okja, I reccomend everyone to watch this movie. It is such a beautiful movie. The producers and actors have done an amazing job, showing the truth of the meat industry and why we should gradually change to a more plant-based diet. 

Definitely, the best film I’ve watch in 2017.


Author: Zheng Fan Minimalist

I don't want to be different. I want to be me.

2 thoughts on “Okja”

  1. Yes. What a beautiful film. Unfortunately, it is also a film that depicts the ugly side of us.

    it will be a very long battle. No matter how small our actions, we cannot give up on the animals that are being tortured and slaughtered on a daily basis.


  2. This really is an incredible film, not only the story but also the filming and music really set the tone. I appreciate how realistic this was. The ALF team are not perfect saviors, but real flawed human beings doing their best. The factory farm is a horrible place but was depicted as fairly hygienic and with a swift (if scary) death for the animals. I couldn’t watch this film again, but I am glad I watched it once and highly recommend it to others.

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