Avoiding Eggs and Milk

After spending the last one and a half year as a “part-time vegetarian”, I will be pushing the envelope a little from today onward. I will like to reduce my consumption of eggs and milk.

This is the first time in my life that I feel that it is possible to do it. It is also my first ever attempt to not consume eggs and milk. I am not forcing myself not to eat or purchase them, but I will be more aware of my choices every time I eat.

Many people do not realize that in order for chicken to produce eggs, and for cows to produce milk, they need to be impregnated. Some of these animals are being forced to be impregnated, or a more suitable term, raped, their whole life until they could not produce eggs or milk anymore. Then they are killed.

Most of these animals are physically tortured through shoving and whipping. And many of them never get to experience grass, or sunlight in their entire lives. Only the cold, dark, stinky pens. Their children are always taken away from them and that caused a lot of distress due to their mother instinct.

All these suffering for human’s selfish needs.

Now, I get sick when I put a chunk of pork into my mouth. Your juicy steak, or your succulent drumstick, they don’t appeal to me anymore.

Next, I would like to avoid eating seafood. But for now, please give me your blessings for staying away from eggs and milk.


Author: Zheng Fan Minimalist

I don't want to be different. I want to be me.

2 thoughts on “Avoiding Eggs and Milk”

  1. I find it super easy to eat vegan. It is just like traveling to another country with totally foreign food. At first, you aren’t sure what to eat or how to prepare meals, but you learn bit by bit and soon you will have new culinary experiences that you would not have imagined before. I’ve been vegan for about 8 years, and it has been wonderful.

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