We Are What We Are Exposed To

We are only what we are exposed to.

Remember when you’re young, you wanted to be an astronaut? Because, that’s so cool, right? How the media portray the image of an astronaut. Saving the world after a mission to destroy the asteroid and being adulated by the commoners, who owe their lives to you.

Then, reality kicks in and you realized that not everyone can be an astronaut so your mum extolled the benefits of being a doctor to you and all of a sudden, you want to be doctor. But you realized that you have spent too much time playing with your schoolmates, and too little time studying. Therefore, you were unable to qualify as a doctor based on your results.

But suddenly, a glimmer of hope appears. Who needs to be a doctor when you can be a Hollywood star? Living in a mansion, collecting cars as a hobby, and being admired by normal people all over the world. What a dream! But before you are even rich, you decide to live lavishly like one. You start buying your favourite designer bags and branded clothes. You dine in posh restaurants. Travel halfway round the world for an Instagram photo that got you 10 likes. And you started to act like a Hollywood star. The unfortunate thing is that, you’re not one yet. So you became broke and depressed.

I believe that many people can relate to the above example. It shows how one can be easily influenced in life. What we hear, what we see, affects how we feel.

If we spend all our days on the Facebook, our mind will only know what is trending on Facebook. Although it seemed like a lot since we have 500 friends each, we forgot that everyone is really just re-sharing the same thing. So probably 8 out of 10 things you sees on Facebook is what your friend sees too.

If we allow ourselves constantly to be in a violent environment, we are going to have violent mindsets. If we feed ourselves lifestyle content, we will tend to not be contented with our current life, even if you already possess the perfect lifestyle. If we are going to feed ourselves satirical content day and night, we are likely going to be thinking of jokes all the time.

These may not actually be a bad thing. The key here is to be aware, to be mindful.

Because if we want to be happy through peace, being force-fed with violent content may bring us happiness, but they will be likely acquired through violence.

If we want to be surrounded by love, reading Trump and Hillary supporters bashing one another day and night will not help us to attain real love.

If you want love, then surround yourself with people and content that spreads love. If you want money, then don’t allow other contents that distracts you from your pursuit of attaining your desired wealth.

And if you allow yourself to be exposed to junk all the time, no prize for guessing what you’ll become.


Author: Zheng Fan Minimalist

I don't want to be different. I want to be me.

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