What Will You Do

If you have no worries over money and no worries about the people around you. If you have nothing to worry about. No “I need to work”, no “I’m tired after 10 hours in the office”, no “I need to take care of my sick dog”.

And if you can choose something to do, anything, what will you do?

Do it


Minimalized Mind

Minimalism isn’t always about clearing out our possessions. In fact, clearing our possessions are usually just the first step. And usually that’s the easier step.

After being a minimalist for 2.5 years, I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m focusing on clearing my thoughts, more than my physical possessions.

Letting go the need to be right all the time. Most of the time, it doesn’t matter whether who’s right or wrong.

Letting go the need to prove something all the time.

Letting go of needing to seek approval from others. Especially from strangers and acquintances.

Letting go of needing the attention from everyone.

Letting go of anger, sadness, disappointment, and guilt, inside me.

Letting go of needing to impress people.

Learning to let go of unnecessary and negative thoughts simply allow more room for meaningful and positive ones.

It Doesn’t Matter How People Thinks

We should not let our happiness be determined by how people praise us. Neither should we be affected by others criticism.

Most importantly, we should be true to ourselves. Not allowing our creation to be meddled by others point of view.

Being open and accept feedback is very important for improvements, but still, we should not mistaken that being open to feedback is the same as allowing ourselves to be affected by the feedback.

After all, the same person who praise us today can also criticise us tomorrow for the same thing, just because they wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

Do we want to allow our creation be altered because of that?

Why I Don’t Need People to Agree

When our objective is to seek affirmation, our thinking and our actions will be tuned towards building what other’s want to hear, not what you want to express.

Can you be true to yourself if you are always saying things that people want to hear?

Is being true to ourselves important? I think so.

It’s true that in our society, sometimes we need people to agree with us and we need to agree with others.

The question is, how much?

Freedom is Free

Ever wondered what is the purpose of all these?

Why do we work so hard? Why do we study so hard? Why do we analyze things and keep digging for the truth and meaning?

Freedom is the answer.

Don’t we all want to work hard so we can have more freedom? Freedom to think. Freedom to buy. Freedom to speak. Freedom to do the things we want to do.

Freedom is so valuable. Think of how much sacrifices people have made to achieve freedom. How much fighting and deaths have occurred over freedom.

For many of us, freedom is already present in us. But unfortunately, many of us bury ourselves with so much distractions, that we don’t realize that we are free. We are brainwashed to think that we do not have freedom and secretly, have our freedom pickpocketed from us, bit by bit. Our freedom, that has been taken away from us, are then sold back to us.

We are being “educated” that freedom is, well, not free.

Are they?

I urge you to dig deep into your soul and seek the truth. Or do you choose to believe in our society masters?

Freedom, such an enigma.


Blessed to be able to fulfil my dream of going to Liverpool few months ago.

Beatles, football, fish and chips, beautiful architecture, lots of beautiful memories that will stay with me forever.

Here’s some of my favourite photos to share.

Harrassed by a squirrel near Buckingham Palace, London
Beautiful Mandarin Ducks
Anfield Stadium
John Lennon, Beatles Story Museum
Tower Bridge, London
Albert Dock
Zen Pigeon
European Night
John Lennon Childhood Home
Casbah Coffee Club
Strawberry Fields… Forever
Statue of Eleanor Rigby, dedicated to all the lonely people
John Lennon on Hard Day’s Night Hotel
Another John Lennon statue on Mathew Street
The Fab Four
Goodison Park Stadium
Cavern Club
Cavern Beatles Gig
Mersey River
The Magnificent Liverpool Cathedral
Wembley, Home of Football
“You’ll Never Walk Alone”