Nothing Belongs to Us

Nothing we buy, or are given, belongs to us. We forget that our time on earth is temporary. Everything we accumulate needs to be passed on.

Everything we think we owns belong to earth. Belongs to God. Belongs to the universe. We are just passing by and borrowing from them. It doesn’t matter how much we accumulate, because we will still have to return.

The more we borrow, the more we owe. The more we owe, the less freedom we have.

I say just take what you really need and stop with all these obsessions. Then you can truly enjoy life without the shackles.

What It Means To Be a Friend of a Minimalist

Minimalists don’t keep clutter. Unnecessary things. Meaningless relationships.

That’s because minimalists love their space too much. Toxic relationships have no place in them.

Which simply means that you are precious. They value your friendship a lot. There’s something about you that they fall in love with. It could be your sincerity. Or your kindness.

Whatever it is, treasure them, because sincere friends are hard to find these days.

Walk When You’re Walking

Nowadays, when we’re walking, we do a million other things.

We talk. We text. We play games. We check out our Facebook. We watch a show on our iPhones and iPads. We listen to music. We read a book. We eat.

When we learn about zen, we learn to walk when we’re walking. Eat when we’re eating. Do one thing at a time. Do it slowly. Do it with purpose and intent. Do it with focus. Enjoy the process.

When we walk and our mind is occupied with other things, it may seemed like an harmless process. But when we do that, especially when we’re constantly looking at the phone, we cause inconvenience to others. Our pace becomes inconsistent and may block those who are walking behind you. Our posture will also become crooked overtime, which will lead posture issues. Studies shows that when we’re texting, it is like adding a 60 pounds weight to our neck. Imagine the long-term effect. On top of all those mentioned, when we are in two minds, our probability of making mistakes increases. Knocking onto things, injuring ourselves, etc. Some mistakes may be recoverable. But some are not.

Above all, when we allow ourselves to walk and do something else, we cultivate the bad habits of multi-tasking. Which may flow to other aspects of our lives.

To obtain optimum result, it is preferable to focus on 1 task at a time, before moving to the next.

By learning to focus on walking when we are walking, we allow our body and mind to adapt form the habit.