People Who Have Nothing To Lose Are The Most Free

Does this mean that we should not have anything at all?


The question should be, do you have too much? Too much for you to handle? Too much that’s disturbing your peace? 

When we have too much, it’s called fats. And we always want is to be lean.

When we have too much we become scared. Afraid to lose. We become confuse. We become tired. Imagine going on a hike and carrying 10 litres of water and 5kg of snacks. Where probably you only need a fraction of that to have a enjoyable experience. When we have too much, we lose our focus. Our relationships are adversely affected. Having too much can even cause depression. Too much expectation. Too much stress. 

Money. Friends. Fame. Food. Cars. Houses. Attention. Thoughts. 

It’s great to have abundance, but get rid of the excess that’s secretly wearing you out.


Help Me With This

I would like to compile a list of people who have inspired you. Please share with me their Youtube page. Or Website. Or Instagram, Facebook, etc. They can be anyone. Let me know why they inspire you as well. And I’d like to share them in a blog post in the near future. 

I will create this post once I receive 50 nomination. It’s not easy as I don’t have many readers like many of you. The rule is only 1 nominee per person. So please help me with this. 

Thank you.

Be Grateful

Can you remember that one thing in the past that you always desired. 

And one day, you finally achieved it. 

How did you feel then? On top of the world?

How do you about them now? Do you even remember?

Always remember to be grateful of what you have.

When I was ungrateful, I was not successful. Because even the things I’ve acquired, I didn’t see them. – Infinite Waters