Be Grateful

Can you remember that one thing in the past that you always desired. 

And one day, you finally achieved it. 

How did you feel then? On top of the world?

How do you about them now? Do you even remember?

Always remember to be grateful of what you have.

When I was ungrateful, I was not successful. Because even the things I’ve acquired, I didn’t see them. – Infinite Waters


Life Lesson

We should always prepare for the worst. 

Even in times of prosperity, act as if you were not. 

When things are going your way, be mindful of adversity.

When you have enough food and clothing, be mindful of poverty.

When loved and respected by all, remain apprehensive and conservative.

When the family is greatly respected, carry yourself humbly.

And when your learning is extensive and profound, always feel the more you learn the less you know.

– by Ven. Master Chin Kung