My Top 6 Beatles’ Songs

The Fab 4

Oh my! My man-love for these 4 men goes deep, deep into the bones. They have inspired me so much for everything they represent. The music they’ve created are ahead of their time. Being a millennial, I never really got to enjoy their music live at the peak of their prowess, but sometimes, affinity is an un-explainable phenomenon. I could still remember I couldn’t really explain my admiration for them to my fellow 13 years old when we were schooling, as everyone prefers to dance to the tunes of Britney Spears and N’Sync. 20 years on, I still love them like the first time I heard their songs.

So, here’s my 6 favourite Beatles’ songs in order (please don’t slaughter me if I missed out on your favourite):

  1. All My Loving
  2. Don’t Let Me Down
  3. From Me to You
  4. I’m Happy Just to Dance With You
  5. Eight Days a Week
  6. I Should Have Known Better

There’s at least 20 more that I love. But I really want to adhere to just my top 6. I know I will surely regret that I did not include some of the other hits some time in the future.

Hope you like my list. I hope you can share with me your favourite Beatles’ songs too.

image by: Roger


Mystery Blogger Award


Rules of Award:

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First of all, thank you Hati so much for nominating me for my first ever blog award, the Mystery Blogger Award. When I first started my blogging journey, I see many people displaying these awards and I find them so cool. Ok, they are not officially an award. But to me, they are more precious than trophies and medals (ironically, I just posted an article about purging trophies yesterday).

And to Hati, I want to let you know that my own positive energy increased at least 10 folds since the day I know you. I’m thankful for our friendship. I hope you can keep on writing and inspiring forever. And hope I can meet you in person someday.

Here’s your question you’ve set for me. And my answers (in bold):

  1. If you could Change something in your life, what would it be? I’ll study Buddhism since young. Buddhism answers so many of my doubts. And it opened me up. Everything I wanted to be is answered by Buddhism; compassionate, kind, generous, honest, respectful, simple, peaceful, loyal, happiness. I only began to understand Buddhism at 30 years old. I couldn’t imagine the intrinsic benefits I’ll reap if I started understanding it when I’m a kid.
  2. If you could have a superpower, what would it be? I don’t know. I think I want to have the ability to fly to any part of the universe (or beyond). There’s so much for us to explore. It’ll be cool to teleport to the Andromeda Galaxy to do a 30 minutes meditation before flying back. And if I can have a second superpower, then it’ll be to be able to go back in history. To be able to go to see any part of our history. Live in the time of Chopin and Mozart. Abraham Lincoln. Okay, I’m becoming a bit greedy.
  3. In which way ‘WordPress changed your life? I have made more like-minded friends in my 1 month plus of WordPress-ing than ever.
  4. What is your Profession? Employee in a publishing company
  5. Book or movie? Why? Most of the time, movie (Yeah, I know I just told everyone I worked in a publishing company). I just enjoy my “me time”. The cold cinema. The soft seats. The darkness. The quietness before the show starts. The undivided attention during the 2 hours or so. And the coke and popcorn.

Next, I want to thank Okoto Engima for creating this award. I encourage you to click here to know more about her ideas for creating the Mystery Blogger Award, it’s brilliant.

3 Things About Me:

  • I’m a Capricorn
  • I’m an INFJ-A
  • I’m a leftie

My 10 Nominees











A sincere plea to my nominations: Please keep writing. You don’t know how much you guys have inspired me and so many others. And if you ever change your URL, please remember to drop me a note.

My 5 Questions for My Nominees

  • Who is your one favourite public person (in the history of mankind)? Why?
  • What is your one favourite song? Why?
  • Define yourself in less than 15 words?
  • What is the one most important trait you look for in a partner?
  • What is life to you?

My Best Post

I think I like Why You Should Feel Happy For Others, what do you think?

I hope you guys enjoy this post. Thank you.

The Sad Mount Bromo Horses


Sad scene of exploitation
I’m sure the horse is “treated with dignity”
Saddest thing I’ve seen for awhile

Horse-handlers with their horses trampling towards you upon your arrival. I refused, since I’ve heard of the ill-treatments before my arrival in Indonesia. Apparently, my decision didn’t stand well with some others. But I stood firm.  Don’t tell me the journey without these horses will be a long and tiring one. I’ll rather wait in the car and not go then to ride on one of these poor souls, that were simply born in the wrong body. In the end, all of us walked.

Spanking, trotting dangerously on uneven terrain, dusty environment, foaming in the mouth. The livelihood of the people is not a reason for animal exploitation.

Over my dead body. I’m sorry.

Shout Out to My Fellow Minimalist Bloggers

I enjoy reading on my fellow minimalists blogs.

However, I do notice a trend where minimalists started a blog with so much enthusiasm but it fizzled after a couple of weeks. Some blogs that I followed were even deleted.

I don’t know the reasons but I feel sad. Sometimes we run out of motivations. Sometimes our ideas dry up.

Just hold on. Take a break if you need but don’t give up. Because you’ll never know who you have been inspiring.

Purging Trophies

I’m not going to kid you. Purging trophies is unlike anything else you’ve tried. It’s difficulty level is like 4.5 out of 5.

To purge trophies you must have a PhD in Cold Heartedness.

It’s one of those things that when you tell people,”Hey, I just dumped all my trophies away.” They will start to choke you to death because they don’t get it.

Some of the trophies I dumped were sales awards. Football awards. Run medals. I even threw away my mahjong plaque. Yea, I won a mahjong competition once. Sheer ruthlessness.

Since young, I pursue trophies like a hungry greyhound chasing after a rabbit. The novelty dies off as soon as I get my hands on them. It reaches a point I just stopped chasing them altogether. Now, I am still a champion. I am a champion husband and a champion friend, at least I think I am (no trophies for those though).

The only thing left now is my marathon medal, which I really have a lot of feelings for.

Time for Ask-Myself-Answer-Myself.

 Any regret? 


Am I happy now? 


What have I gained after throwing away my trophies?

More time. No more cleaning.

More space. No more hoarding.

More freedom. No more clutter.

Any pointers for fellow hopeful trophy-purgers?

Take a photo of the trophies and safekeep them on google drive or Instagram. Then let them go and don’t look back.

Last words?

Don’t force yourself. Take it easy if you’re not ready. I’m definitely not encouraging you to start throwing them away. But if you see the value in letting go, I can offer you my experiences for you to make your own decision.

Get rid of the easy ones first and see where it takes you. Or work on the easy things like clothes and key-chains first. Like I said, purging trophies is not for beginners.