Nothing Belongs to Us

Nothing we buy, or are given, belongs to us. We forget that our time on earth is temporary. Everything we accumulate needs to be passed on.

Everything we think we owns belong to earth. Belongs to God. Belongs to the universe. We are just passing by and borrowing from them. It doesn’t matter how much we accumulate, because we will still have to return.

The more we borrow, the more we owe. The more we owe, the less freedom we have.

I say just take what you really need and stop with all these obsessions. Then you can truly enjoy life without the shackles.


The Minimalist Community

I’m glad I’m still alive and kicking after 1 week since I started Minimalist Room. And I realized that I am actually surrounded by so many like-minded people.

I feel so blessed to see many fellow minimalists from different part of the world, so eager to share their minimalist experiences. Sharing the good ideas and tips to this unique lifestyle. And giving suggestions on overcoming the challenges of being a minimalist.

Most minimalists probably went through a life-changing experience at some point of their life, like being depressed and overwhelmed by their possessions and responsibilities, and decided to make a change.

Some probably didn’t but simply wanted to be one.

I can see this community growing as each day passes. There will be people who gave it a try but disliked it and prefer a more normal life. That’s great.

The beauty of it is that there’ll be noone preaching to you to be one. The best part of being a minimalist is about having freedom, and having a choice.