Friends of Mine

I am choosy. I don’t have many friends. So those that I consider a friend, I want you to know how cherished you are.



When I started this blog, I have a few objectives.

One of them is to share my experiences and stories, hoping to bring a little more smiles, to people who happen to chance upon my blog.

The things that I have shared brought me a lot of clarity in my life which led me to happiness.

I used to be bogged down with so much desires, responsibilities and stress that got me really depressed. And I hope nobody needs to go through that.

I see the need to address this as I never expected to have people talking to me over what I write. Sharing with me their stories and the opinion. In the beginning, it is just me writing and thinking that if anyone sees it, then let’s see what’s next.

I am humbled.

Please continue to share with me your views. Your stories. Suggestions. Comments. Your interests. Your success. Your happiness. Everything.

Why is It So Difficult to Wake Up 5 Minutes Earlier?

Have you ever wondered why it is such an impossible task to wake up, or sleep, just five minutes earlier?

Or why is it so difficult to save an additional $20 every month?

Or why do we keep finding ourselves slightly over-spending every month?

That’s because it is never about that 5 minutes or that $20.

It is all about habits. And breaking habits don’t have to be a chore. Neither is it difficult. It is all about taking the right measures, which can be simple and fun.

Why Minimalism

Why minimalism?

Two things. More happiness, less worries. That’s the two ultimate reasons to choose minimalism.

It will be an enjoyable journey, abeit a long one. Possibly even an endless one.

If you are looking for solutions to resolve your short-term cravings, I’d suggest you try something else because minimalism will unlikely brings you that.

Even if you are indeed looking for more happiness and less worries, always remember that it is just one of many ways to achieve them.

Also, always remember that there’s no one size fits all remedy for everybody. There will be people who loves minimalism and some who hates it. Although in my 2 years of being a minimalist, I have yet to meet a depressed one.

How Weak We Are

The more we rely on, the weaker we are. Yes, you can say if being strong means living without enjoyment. Without gadgets. Without games. Without alcohol and cigarettes. Without women. Without men. Then life isn’t worth living. Then you’ll rather be weak. I agree.

Unfortunately, you have not seen the truth. The truth where sometimes, it is not up to us to choose what we have or not. We can increase or decrease the probability or prolong the occurence from happening. But we cannot stop it from happening. We cannot guarantee by exercising and eating well, we won’t fall sick. We cannot guarantee that if we check our cars everyday, they won’t breakdown.

So, are we doomed?


But we should work towards reducing our reliance on the things we possess and desire.

You see some kids when they are having their meals, once their parents take away their iPad, they throw their tantrum and refuse to eat. Aren’t we all like this? Once our stimulation is taken away from us, we feel suffocating. Take away our cigarettes and we start having mood swings. Take away our alcohol and we start fighting.

Then, there’s other kids who can eat quietly on the dining table without any cartoons or toys.

Think of the things that you have. If they are taken away from you, how much suffering will that cause? How will you manage the loss?

Nothing Belongs to Us

Nothing we buy, or are given, belongs to us. We forget that our time on earth is temporary. Everything we accumulate needs to be passed on.

Everything we think we owns belong to earth. Belongs to God. Belongs to the universe. We are just passing by and borrowing from them. It doesn’t matter how much we accumulate, because we will still have to return.

The more we borrow, the more we owe. The more we owe, the less freedom we have.

I say just take what you really need and stop with all these obsessions. Then you can truly enjoy life without the shackles.