How Weak We Are

The more we rely on, the weaker we are. Yes, you can say if being strong means living without enjoyment. Without gadgets. Without games. Without alcohol and cigarettes. Without women. Without men. Then life isn’t worth living. Then you’ll rather be weak. I agree.

Unfortunately, you have not seen the truth. The truth where sometimes, it is not up to us to choose what we have or not. We can increase or decrease the probability or prolong the occurence from happening. But we cannot stop it from happening. We cannot guarantee by exercising and eating well, we won’t fall sick. We cannot guarantee that if we check our cars everyday, they won’t breakdown.

So, are we doomed?


But we should work towards reducing our reliance on the things we possess and desire.

You see some kids when they are having their meals, once their parents take away their iPad, they throw their tantrum and refuse to eat. Aren’t we all like this? Once our stimulation is taken away from us, we feel suffocating. Take away our cigarettes and we start having mood swings. Take away our alcohol and we start fighting.

Then, there’s other kids who can eat quietly on the dining table without any cartoons or toys.

Think of the things that you have. If they are taken away from you, how much suffering will that cause? How will you manage the loss?

Walk When You’re Walking

Nowadays, when we’re walking, we do a million other things.

We talk. We text. We play games. We check out our Facebook. We watch a show on our iPhones and iPads. We listen to music. We read a book. We eat.

When we learn about zen, we learn to walk when we’re walking. Eat when we’re eating. Do one thing at a time. Do it slowly. Do it with purpose and intent. Do it with focus. Enjoy the process.

When we walk and our mind is occupied with other things, it may seemed like an harmless process. But when we do that, especially when we’re constantly looking at the phone, we cause inconvenience to others. Our pace becomes inconsistent and may block those who are walking behind you. Our posture will also become crooked overtime, which will lead posture issues. Studies shows that when we’re texting, it is like adding a 60 pounds weight to our neck. Imagine the long-term effect. On top of all those mentioned, when we are in two minds, our probability of making mistakes increases. Knocking onto things, injuring ourselves, etc. Some mistakes may be recoverable. But some are not.

Above all, when we allow ourselves to walk and do something else, we cultivate the bad habits of multi-tasking. Which may flow to other aspects of our lives.

To obtain optimum result, it is preferable to focus on 1 task at a time, before moving to the next.

By learning to focus on walking when we are walking, we allow our body and mind to adapt form the habit.

2 More Credit Cards Less

Over the weekend, I called in to cancel two of my credit cards. 

The first one was a no-brainer. It requires fulfilling many spending criterias to achieve its cashback benefits. 

The second one was my Amex credit card. I used it quite extensively but my number 1 rule for using a credit card is: I never pay annual fee. And I was told that Amex don’t waive the fees.

Have been procrastinating for awhile. Laziness, fear of missing out, worried how it will affect my credit score, priorities, etc. 

Glad that they are at the back of my mind now.

And so, my minimalist journey continues…